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           Public relation is a planned, sustained effort in maintaining mutual understanding between an organization and its public. Either internal publics or external publics.

           Public relation is ploughing back to the public so as to maintain agreement and understanding between an organization and its publics.

           The purpose of public relations is to drive the organization to a safer place whereby the organization will not fall into crisis and if eventually fall into crisis, the way out in solving using the crisis management method and the most effective method used in solving crisis in public relation which is the RACE formula.

           The effective use of public relation office in higher institution and department will help the management and the student to be in good rapport at all times. Public relation is a tool that must not be toiled within any institution because it is needed in any decision making since it deals with the public both internal and external. The impact of public relation may also help to reassures employees or staff and management in higher institution is viable or successful.


              Many authorities have contributed immensely to the success of defining public relations. some scholars believe and write on it as act (Deed)representative representing a group or organization.

Public relations is a deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public British institute of public relations(IBPR)

             According to Roger Hayward as quoted by Adegoke (2001;1) public relation is the propagation of the personality of the organization. This states the importance of communication between the organization and it public. Roger Hayward’s definition has something to do with the British institute of public relations (IBPR) definition because both state the duty of public relation officer in promoting, projecting and representing the organization and at the same time relating with the public’s of the organization both the internal and external public. Public relation project the management personality of which the public relation department represents through their activities with the use of their perspective tools (I.e. printed and electronic media) the aim is to create favorable atmosphere between an organization and its publics.

            Sam Black (1962; 62) assert that a public relation involve anything that is focused, improving and enhancing the flow of communication between institution and its publics.

            The main words that can be drawn out from Sam Black’s definition in the crucial role; played by any (if any) public relations department through the means of using mass media.

             However, in this research work, impartial assessment will be done on the role of public relation in higher institution as the main crucial and prominent tool in day to day running of academic affairs.

             Efforts shall be extended to all media mostly employed by the public relations department which could fall under print and electronic media to carry out their activities such as bill boards, calendar, notebook, press release, bulletin board, opinion box or suggestion box, magazine, pamphlets, radio, television, even the recent internet etc.


             The Oyo state house of assembly on Tuesday may 14, 2014 pass a bill establishing the two new polytechnics. The two new polytechnics are the IBARAPA POLYTHECNIC ERUWA and the OKEOGUN POLYTHECNIC SAKI.

             The bill was read the third time and passed after the assembly had constitution itself to the committee of the whole those and considered amendment of some aspects in the bill.

             The two new polytechnics as existed as satellite campuses of the polytechnic Ibadan for more than 20years before they consider as autonomous institutions.

              The speaker of the house, MONSURSAT SUMMONU at the primary commanded the quick passages of the bill which was sponsored by the executives, she explained that the two new polytechnics avoid give chance for more secondary school levels seeking admission to tertiary institution In the state, adding that school would bring a celebrated development to the people at the grass root. According to the speaker, the institution would increase the training and availability of technical man power in the state.

              She also commended the executive for sponsoring the bill which according to her was part of the divided of democracy promised during electioneering campaigns.

              The Ibarapa Polytechnic formally the polytechnic Ibadan Adeseun Ogundoyin campus Eruwa after getting autonomy.

 The following courses are available;

Mass communication

Business administration


Purchasing and supply

Public administration

Office technology and management

Art and design

Civil engineering building technology

Electrical electronics engineering

Mathematics and statistics

Computer science

Fashion design


               This research has observed that in so many organizations, institutions, management either recognizes or appreciate public relations efforts in Nigeria. The management does not realize the potentials of public relations activities in building and enhancing a good image for the success of the organization. It has been observed that the managements attitude to lukewarm and non-challant toward public relations departments and their activities.

               Besides, they don’t want to spend money on its activities such as organizing seminars, workshops, symposium, etc. Because of the erroneous and selfish belief that public relations efforts bring little benefit to the organization. Therefore this study will look at the role of public relations in higher institution of learning; using ibarapa polytechnic Eruwa as a case study.


1.         To examine the role of public relation office in higher institutions of learning.

2.         To study the contributions of public relation unit adoption bridging communication gaps between the school management and the entire publics.

3.         To know the means and techniques public relations unit adoption in bringing communication gaps between the school management and the entire publics.

4.         To study the challenges facing public relations in higher institutions.

5.         To know how public relations manage and prevent crisis in higher institutions.

6.         To show the type of public relations (internal or external consultancy) suitable for higher institutions.

7.         To know why public relations is needed in higher institution.


1.         To what extent does public relations is necessary in organization.

2.         Is public relations a useful tool during crisis?

3.         To what extent does a public relations help in building and maintaining a mutual understanding between the management and its publics.

4.         What are the problems facing public relations (PRS) in higher institution of learning.

5.         To what extent does management recognize the role  of public relations  in higher institution.

6.         To what extent does public relations help in building and maintaining a mutual understanding between the management and its publics.

7.         What are the problems facing public relations (PRS) in higher institution of learning.

8.         To what extent does management recognize the role of public relation in higher institution.

9.         To what extent does public relations (PRS) improve the academic standard.

10.      To what extent does public relations assist in easy free flow of academic calendar by cubing strike action of any form.


            With the selection of Ibarapa Polythecnic, Eruwa as a case study, this project work has been limited because visiting all higher institutions of learning in Nigeria cannot be possible. However, the demography of the staff, student and management of Ibarapa Polytechnic , Eruwa such as age, sex, working experience, academic qualification will be considered before the distribution of questionnaire.


            Work like this will benefit a lot of people, few among the beneficiaries include but not limited to undergraduates. And graduates of mass communication and public relations. It will as well benefit the public relations practitioners on what is expected on them in higher institutions. It will serve as eye opener to the management of higher institution of learning on the need to have a functioning public relations department or unit on their campus. In addition, this research work tries to provide satisfactory answer o some questions that are disturbing the mind of policy formulators, students and researchers.

Researchers will be exposed to know how the public relations promote mutual understanding between the organization and publics, student in various institutions will benefit from its project work by knowing the roles of public relations in the society.

            Moreover, policy formulators will benefit from this research work because they will be able to identify the usefulness of public relations to them on policy formulators and cooperate management.

            Also, it will help institution, organizations to know how to manage themselves as against crisis and if eventually it comes, the ways out in solving the crisis.

            Public relations will help the authorities in higher institutions to know how to deal with issues and manage every situation and staff of the institution without any form of misunderstanding or crisis among themselves. Public relations will help our society to be a good one to live in since there is mutual understanding among ourselves and through these there is all round growth and development.


            There is no gain saying in the fact that research work like this cannot be written without some hindrance that includes but not limited to this following:

Time is a hindrance as there is just limited time to complete the research work.

There is also a financial constraint in carrying out this research work.

There is little literature available under the topic to consult.


ROLE: This is synonyms to function, impact or contributions

HIGHER INSTITUTIONS: It means all colleges such as polytechnics, universities, college of educations and host of other post secondary schools.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Public relations is a deliberate , planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics. British institute of public relations (IBPR)

PUBLICS: In this research publics means all the groups or organizations entity that are one way or the other associated with an organizational institution. MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING: this is a term in public relations (PRS) is simply all about good rapport that brings about the symbiotic relationship between an organization and its various publics.


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