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The philosophy that marketing should begin and end with the consumer is otherwise called marketing concept. The prior of marketing concept is the consumer. Professional marketers have over the years been engaged in finding ways to serve the customers or consumer better, the reason for the deliberate attempts at satisfying the consumer continually is. The goodwill or patronage of the consumer is a valuable resource to marketers.

Marketing practitioners have propounded a number of theories and concept in pursuance of the sole objective of satisfying consumer need and want at a profit. A number of empirical studies have also been conducted over the years for the same purpose has attracted our interest on how packaging and branding influences consumer buying decision.

In recent times packaging has become a potent marketing tool. Packaging and branding has to do with designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product .Kotler [1999], views packaging as actually part of product planning and development which is design of a product container or wrapper whose purpose is to protect the product physically to enhance the product’s value to the consumer and to stimulate sales through emotional appeals to consume,OlukayodeAdeyunju [1997] , he said branding is the totality of a product features that produce the product is identifiedinto organization structure of the company and this means it can easily fit into smallscale structure.

According to Olawalefarayola principle of marketing 2002, he defines brand as a name that is intended to identify the goods and services of a seller and to differentiate them from those of competitors.


To determine the impact of packaging and branding on consumer’s buying decision with special reference to Paterson zochonis industries. In an attempt to actualize the broad objective, the following sub-objective evolve;

  1. To determine whether poor packaging is the major cause of low demand of a product.
  2. To know whether the success of PZ to great extent depends on packaging and branding programmes over consumer goods.
  3. To know the way of manipulating of brand names among other competitorsand among the consumer.
  4.  And finally,toknow whether gaining larger market by PZ depends on its packaging programmes.

The following terminologies are hereby operationally defined as they are used in these study for a better reading, and general comprehension of this research report.

            PACKAGING: This is the process of putting a generic product into a wrapper or container with a view to making it more attractive, beta protected and easily portable (Onah and Thomas 2004) .

            BRANDING: This is the process involve in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising, campaigns with a consistent theme(business

            BRAND: This refers to a name, team, symbol, colour, or combination of these, that identify a sellers goods and services and distinguishes them from competitor products.

            PRODUCT: Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition or consumption(umeh and udeUmanta 2002)

            INDUSTRY: Industry according to oxford dictionary (1996) is the whole firms dealing in the same kind of product.

            CONSUMER: Is the end riser of a given product or services (Esu 2003)

            PROMOTION: All persuasive communication efforts claimed at generating sales or building a favourable attitude for an organization product or service and organization itself (kotler 1998)


This study is limited to Paterson zochonis (PZ) PLC operation within the Lagos metropolis of Nigeria. The scope of the influence of packaging and branding on consumer buying decision.


These study is not a mere academic exercise, it will be of great benefit to the following;

Firstly, the management of Paterson zochonis (PZ) company will benefit immensely from this study.

This is because it will uncover some of the requirement for efficient and effective packaging and branding, which will enable the company to attract consumer to purchase its product at a profit.

Secondly, this study will be of great benefit to industries and Nigeria economy. This sten from the fact that good packaging helps companies to gain advantage over competitors.

Thirdly, the study will be of immense benefit to customers of PZ product as adequate measure that will be recommended, will go a long way to boost the satisfaction and value delivery ability of Paterson zochonis above all the study will not only be of benefit to the researcherbut also the readers, as adequate knowledge and understanding will be gained from the information contained in the study.


PZ plc is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a variety ofproduct especially soap and other personal cares items including shampoo ,babypowder, and the like. These are market under PZ[cussonflagship] imperial leatherbrand and other including  freezers and air conditioner]detergent and cleansers, femmine hygiene product, in2003 PZ formed a joint venture with Ireland’s Gambia to supply evaporated milk and milk powder {coastmilk and Olympic milk]in Nigeria .  The company also acquired U.K haircare and Charles Worthington in 2005.Although based in Manchester,PZ cusson has long beencontrolled by the founding Zochonisfairly ,and has carved a niche for itself by focusing in various market in Africa especially in Nigeria,Ghana, Cameroon and East Africa. The company’s Africa operation continue to represent so 26% of its annual sales .  Europe, especially The United Kingdom is the group largest market of 43%, why TheAsia pacific operate manufacturing plants in Thailand ,Poland ,Australia and  Athens .

However, the ownership  of the company was merged by two paunlies George Paterson,originally from England , and George Zochonis from Greece,hence,Paterson and  Zochonis[PZ]


 The hypothesis formulated here are based on the problems and objective of the study.

            Null hypothesis –H0

            Alternative hypothesis –H1

The hypothesis of this project is H0 and H1 as follows:

Hypothesis one

H0: poor product patronage does not depend on poor packaging.

H1: poor product patronage depend on poor packaging.

Hypothesis two

H0: Awell-developed product cannot as well give rise to a dissatisfied consumer, if poorly package.

H1: A well develop product can as well give rise to a dissatisfied consumers,if poorlypackaged.

Hypothesis three

H0: Good packaging programme does not make a firm to win large market share.

H1: Good packaging programme makes a firm to win larges market share.

Hypothesis four

H0: Immediate purchase decision on consumer goods is not triggered by attractive packaging.

H1: Immediate purchase decision on consumers goods triggered by attractive packaging.


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